EOD (Explosive Ordnance Devices ) Training:

  • Our training on making the explosives harmless is given in an effective and safe environment, both at home and abroad, on securing the unexploded ammunition that has become unsafe on the plane or has not left the plane, securing the ammunition in the warehouse, and neutralizing the unexploded ammunition.

Civil Aviation and Aircraft Type Training:

  • Civil Aviation training needed for the personnel who will work in aviation organizations is given in groups by our experienced teachers.
  • Type training for all aircraft you will need in Civil Aviation is given theoretically and practically.




Through our staff with experience and depth of knowledge in military and civil aviation, your needs for;

  • Aircraft maintenance, Revision, Renovation, conversion, and Painting projects,
  • Engine Overhaul,
  • UAV maintenance, and repair,
  • Aircraft and helicopter material supply

Needs are handled by our professional staff at the most optimum time and the most economical conditions are provided.